Halloween: John Passarella

Title: Halloween
Author: John Pasarella
Publisher:Titan Books

I was super excited to start this novel as I’ve seen the movie 3x in the theaters(would’ve been more if the theaters weren’t so small and there wasn’t a lot of people). I thoroughly enjoyed the novel. I’m glad there were certain parts in the novel that weren’t in the movie, simply because it was unnecessary. A lot of horror movies nowadays have too much things that can be left out, and they don’t focus too much on the horror aspect of the movie. Also I’ve noticed people make horror movies into comedy and that turns me off when I go to the theaters. I think Passarella did a great job captivating the movie onto pages. I felt like I was watching it all over again.

Overall a good recommendation for all Halloween fans.

Original Review Published:12/7/18


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