Review: Mrs. Kennedy and Me- Clint Hill

I purchased this book at Barnes&Noble on one of my many normal visits. I was always fascinated with the Kennedy family, especially Jackie. This book was written beautifully. Clint Hill and Mrs. Kennedy’s relationship is a prime example of respect, integrity, trust, and heroism. I haven’t read many books on the Kennedy’s, but this book felt so personal…so respectful. Clint Hill was the assigned Secret Service agent assigned to Jacqueline Kennedy. I honestly can understand why Mrs. Kennedy preferred Mr. Hill as Secret Service agent. He was smart, articulate, respectful, professional, compliant, and always had Mrs. Kennedy’s safety in mind. Mr. Hill went above and beyond in his job and always made sure things were prepared in advance for Mrs. Kennedy whenever she needed something. The fact that he waited so long to publish this book shows his respect and also his feelings about the whole situation. You can really tell Mr. Hill is a sincere man and not just doing this for a quick buck. I can’t thank him enough for being such a great protector of Mrs. Kennedy and giving us a glimpse into her private life, as well as the time he spent with the Kennedy’s, especially Mrs. Kennedy. This book mad me feel many emotions; very beautiful.

Original Review Published:10/30/18

Author: thornedbeauty

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