Review: Becoming- Michelle Obama

Title: Becoming

Author: Michelle Obama

Publisher: Crown

Pages: 426

Rating: 5/5

I was super excited to finally get my paws on this beautiful memoir. I’ve been stalking it at my job for a few weeks and when I finally got some cash, I purchased it without hesitation. This book took me forever to read because of adult responsibilities, but I’m pretty sure I would’ve devoured it a whole lot sooner. Honestly, I felt a certain emptiness after finishing it because I didn’t want it to end. This book was everything I thought it would be and more. It was so beautifully written.
I’ve never been one to cry over books or even so much as get watery eyes. But after losing my grandmother, I’ve been super sensitive especially with books. This book had me very sentimental to the point where I had to PUT THE BOOK DOWN because I needed a good cry. I knew the pain she felt and I had to sit back and reflect on my own situation. This isn’t a political book by any means, of course, there’s talks about it but it was about her life, her struggles, her successes, her losses, her wins, her love for her prince charming, the joy of motherhood, and her life as a First Lady.
Michelle came from a homey apartment in Euclid Avenue in downtown Chicago. With two hard-working, and strong parents. Her parents always wanted the best for her and her older brother Craig. As a kid, Michelle was feisty, determined, smart, and not one to be disrespected! However, behind her tough exterior, she was also harsh on herself deep down inside. Her parents were upfront of any questions Michelle and Craig might’ve had. They were down to earth parents, but they were very involved in their children’s lives, and they treated their kids like..well little adults. They trusted their kids would make the right decisions. I really admire Michelle. She was very focused on her education and making sure she did good. She was very humble as well. In one part, she discusses how her school had a break and they offered a trip to Paris, but she didn’t bother asking her parents because she knew how much they sacrificed for her and her brother to get a good education as is. She ended up doing great on her academics and was attempting to get into Princeton, a school her HS guidance counselor said she would never get into. Michelle reminded me of myself sometimes, and I love when I read a book and you can relate to the character, especially books on actual people.
I especially loved how she started talking about Barack (the sweetest ever). How she came to meet him and when they eventually hit it off. Barack is definitely a dreamy type of dude.I love that he was respectful of her and her family. How articulate and literary of a person he was (I really love his love for books). It was really great to see how her life turned out to be once she got together with Barack. Even though Politics wasn’t her thing, she still beside him with her two girls by her side. I will admit I got very angry when I read how babyish the republicans were about Barack being in office, and the countless awful things they said about Michelle and Barack. I love the fact that they were a historic first family. I think it’s amazing that they were so down to earth and just humble (something that obviously bothered people), but I think that’s what made people love them even more. It was really sad to read about her departure from the white house. I know all the people that worked for them were sad to see them go.
I overall enjoyed this book and it’s easily on my favorites of all time list. I recommend this book not on a political level, but on a human level. This book will definitely touch you.

Author: thornedbeauty

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