ARC Review: The House of Impossible Beauties- Joseph Cassara

Title: The House of Impossible Beauties

Author: Joseph Cassara

Publisher: Harpercollins

Pages: 416

Rating: 4/4

Joseph Cassara has created such an amazing story. This was my first LGBT book and I’m so glad I have it a chance because I will admit that it was starting slow for me. It was probably maybe also the fact that there were a lot of characters to keep up with. I was surprised to learn that this story pays homage to the House of XTravaganza back in the 80’s and 90’s. This proves I need to expand my horizons when it comes to books. If you read up on this fabulous place , you’ll realize they deal with the same issues as in The House of Impossible Beauties. It tells the story of young gay and transgendered characters that have to deal with with their everyday lives while at the same time deal with rejection from family members and strangers, self-identification, The virus, addiction, discrimination, murder, violence, and so on. Pretty much a real in depth look at the life of a sex worker and the trial and tribulations of life. 
Angel is a young queen fascinated by the glitz and glam of the drag scene. (she’s a sucker for some Dior) She loves to go shopping at the high end stores in manhattan and being around the Harlem ballroom scene. She eventually meets the legendary queen Dorian, and falls in love with Hector, a dancer. Since Angel has to deal with her toxic family and her trauma, she longs to be in a family full of unconditional love and overall have a tight knit relationship. This is also for people who also are looking for the same. Angel and Hector set up their own House and in come Daniel, Juanito, and Venus. Venus years to be with a rich man who can take care of her. She quickly learns how that can backfire. We also learn of the tragedies that hit the house including Hector’s. 

This book is full of a lot of emotions. I remember being on the train and being shocked towards the end of the book. I love a story that does that. I’m glad I picked this ARC up from work. Stepping out of your reading comfort zone is great. I remember being super excited because the author used a lot of Spanish phrases I’m familiar with.

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