January + February Wrap-up

Wow! These past two months have flown by really quickly. I’m really proud of myself because I have managed to read 13 books so far this year and it’s only Feb. That’s way more than I ready the whole entire year last year. I guess it helps too that I work at a bookstore and it feeds my addiction of purchasing new books. These are the books I’ve read so far. Not pictured are 5 more that are e-books.

These are the books I’v read:

January Titles

  1. Becoming- Michelle Obama…. 5/5
  2. Maid- Stephanie Land….5/5 (A.R.C)(e-book)
  3. 23/7: Kramet Reiter….3/5
  4. The House of Impossible Beauties- Joseph Cassara….5/5 (A.R.C)(e-book)

February Titles

5. Grief Sucks, and I just Want to Feel Better!- Stacey St. Holder….3/5 (e-book)

6. Getting Grief Right- Patrick O’Malley….3/5 (e-book)

7. I used to be The Sun- Valeria Eden….5/5

8. Selena’s Secret- Maria Celeste Arraras….3/5

9. The Girls at 17 Swann Street….5/5

10. I’ll Be There For You- Kelsey Miller….5/5 (e-book)

11. On The Come Up- Angie Thomas….5/5

12. Parkland- Dave Cullen….4/5

13. Prison Torture in America- Paul Singh….4/5 (A.R.C.)(e-book)

There you have it guys. I’m really excited to continue my reading journey for the rest of the year.

Author: thornedbeauty

32. Reader. Book Reviewer. Wrestling Fanatic. Coffee Lover.

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