Review: Mirror, Mirror- Jen Calonita

Title: Mirror, Mirror

Author: Jen Calonita

Publisher: Disney Books

Pages: 344

Rating: 5/5

After reading Part of Your World, I knew i had to continue reading this book series. Even though they’re written by different authors, they all seem to pull me into these books. We all know what happened in the original Snow White story and how it ended right? Well, this book has a twist.

We meet Ingrid, who in this story is Snow’s aunt. You see Ingrid had a sister named Katherine who was the original Queen. But because of Ingrid’s jealousy and cruelty tragedy hits and both the seat for King and Queen were opened. Because of this event Ingrid takes place on the throne. She now has the responsibility of her niece Snow and of everyone in town and in the castle. As Snow grows older, Ingrid’s hatred, jealousy, and possessiveness grow more by the day and Snow is forced to be alone…isolated from everything and everyone. Because of Ingrid’s lies and deceit, Snow White is obvilvious to the chaos surrounding her beloved castle. She also has no idea that the Queen wants something else…something wicked…something horrifying. 
As the story progresses you come into the seven dwarfs from the original story with a little more in-depth look into their life and how the reign of terror of the queen has affected them. Oh and of course you can’t forget the prince 😮 This book was a real easy and fast read but, it was enjoyable to me. Calonita takes you on an adventure with Snow White and the seven dwarfs to claim back her throne and give the people the life they deserve.

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