Review: Hurricanes- Rick Ross & Neil-Martinez Belkin

Title: Hurricanes

Author: Rick Ross & Neil-Martines Belkin

Publisher: Hanover Square Press

Pages: 288

Rating: 4/5

Rick Ross was born named William Leonard Roberts. He starts writing about his childhood, his parents and their transition to Miami. Ross met a lot of people on the way to his musical career. But, it took 10 years for him to catch his break. Along the way of his musical career he went through a lot of issues with the law, got caught up with guns and drugs, and of course hung around the wrong type of people. I mean the music industry in itself can be a pretty shady business just like anything out there. “Port of Miami” was the album that got him that recognition after ghost writing for so many artists. It was pretty cool that he knew artists like Trina, Trick Daddy, P.Diddy (yuck), Kayne West(yuck), and many others before hand. 
Ross came into Miami when the crack epidemic was at a all time high. Major weight was being pushed and a lot of the music people he’d associate with or he knew about were being caught up in the drug game and getting pretty hefty prison sentences. That’s one of the things I disliked about Ross in the book. He was very money hungry. I see nothing wrong with wanting to live comfortable or whatever but, he was so stuck on being rich that sometimes he made some pretty crazy choices to get that money. 
Ross also goes on talking about this best friend’s death and how he found him dead at 45 in his tub from heart disease. With this discovery it seems it ticked something off in his head and he decided to create some lifestyle changes. I enjoyed the book but, I really wish he would’ve gone more in depth with his weight loss, his tattoo removals, etc.

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