ARC Review: The Infernal Machine- C.W. Snyder

Title: The infernal Machine

Author: C.W. Snyder

Publisher: The Parliament House

Pages: n/a

Rating: 4/5

There was so much that was good with this book. A steampunk tale with some supernatural vibes (and some gore too!), philosophical situations, flashbacks that don’t overwhelm you like some other authors do when they write them. 
Arthur White, Mr. Black, and Ava take you on a dark and promising adventure. Arthur meets Mr. Black while he was working as a cemetery caretaker. Mr. Black gifts him an a immortal clockwork heart so Mr. White could do all of Mr. Black’s dirty work. We follow Arthur’s journey with his rather questionable behavior. After they find out a mutual friend has passed away, they both find that Lucifer’s heart is out there and they need to find it. 
The Flashbacks and dreams give you a gist of what happened in their lives prior to get to where they did; take you through the dark times. The infernal machine is an amazing work of art. Making you think about all the “what ifs”. You’ll find demons, devils, and some nazi’s. 

Thank you to Parliament Press for providing me with a copy in a exchange for an honest review and thank you for allowing me to participate in this blog tour.

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