Review: I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter- Erika L. Sanchez

Title: I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter

Author: Erika L. Sanchez

Publisher: Ember

Pages: 368

Rating: 5/5

“I don’t know why I’ve always been like this, why the smallest things make me ache inside. There’s a poem I read once, titled “The World is too Much with Us”, and I guess that is the best way to describe the feeling-the world is too much for me”-
Ericka L. Sanchez

Although many hated Julia (me too at times)I could definitely relate to her on so many levels. What caught my attention was definitely the opening scene. Granted for some it was triggering (including myself) but, I got pulled in because I too have lost someone in my life. My grandmother who raised me. Her death just like Julia’s sister Olga’s death changed me in dramatic ways. Julia’s sister Olga got ran over by a semi-truck. Olga was “The perfect Mexican daughter”. She stayed home, wore boring clothing, was obedient towards her parents. Something that always bothered Julia. Julia however is NOT the perfect Mexican daughter. She’s loud, she obnoxious. She doesn’t like the crazy rules her parents instill within her life. She smokes weed, drinks, and sneaks out to see her boyfriend. She’s tired of being in her town of Chicago. She wants something more from life. Julia is after all a poet and artist. I admire her love for books. She’s just this happy bubble of emotions when she thinks and talks about literature. She’s doing good in school and she can thank Mr. Ingman, her teacher, who gives her advice and pushes her to be all she can be. One of her greatest dreams is to go to college in NYC, something her parents frown upon. What with how strict and old fashion they are. While trying to cope with her sister’s death, and learning how to deal with her parents coldness towards her. Julia comes across some deep dark secrets of her sister. While she goes on a hunt for answers. She also starts to understand why her parents are the way they are. After a major issue that happened, Julia is shipped to Mexico to stay with her Mama Jacinta. When she gets there she understands how and why her mother sacrificed so much for her and her sister. She also realizes she doesn’t have to be like her sister, or act like something someone else wants; it’s okay to be different. 
I absolutely loved this book. It really hit me in my heart strings. Growing up in a strict spanish household, I myself couldn’t do much either I wasn’t allowed to go out or anything. So that I know her struggle and pain. Julia was a tough cookie. She was definitely a feminist as well; an advocate for rights . I admired her feistiness. This book deals with serious issues such as cringe old man issues, underage drinking, smoking weed, grief, mental illness, and crossing the border. I really enjoyed this book and think the author did an amazing job covering those issues.

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