ARC Review: Fallible- Kyle Bradford Jones

Title: Fallible

Author: Kyle Bradford Jones

Publisher: Black Rose Writing

Pages: 348

Rating: 4/5

I chose to read this book because of the title and blurb. As a person who suffers from clinical depression and generalized anxiety disorder myself, it’s always refreshing to read about others who suffer from the same issues. 
Fallible is a doctor’s memoir of dealing with mental illness and how it’s affected his personal and professional life. It discusses all his dark moments, the issues he’s faced, the positives and negatives of being a medical professional and suffering from mental illness. He talks a lot about his family and his religious views too, which I will admit I’m not a fan of. Especially when he said that: “for some faith may have a detrimential effect on their mental health”. Personally, I don’t think faith or religion have anything to do with mental health and it should be left out of discussions having to do with mental health. It’s already hard enough for people to talk about it with other people. Jones should know because he’s had rotten luck with therapists. There’s nothing worse than a biased therapist.

I will give him though that being in a medical professional has it’s major stresses. Especially med school. They put so much pressure on students especially with all the material they have to cram in on a daily basis. Now more than ever I think we understand how stressful it is for medical professionals with this pandemic going on. Essential workers and them are the front lines of this country and even in the world. 
Overall I really enjoyed this book, especially his relationship and love for his family. Also the quotes and songs in the beginning of the chapters was refreshing to see. Like I said the only thing I disliked was his religious talk. Thank you to Booksirens and the publisher for a copy of this book in exchange for a honest review.

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