PopCulture Readathon Book #2: Death and Other Holidays- Marci Vogel

Title: Death and other Holidays

Author: Marci Vogel

Publisher: Melville House

Pages: 144

Rating: 4/5

” The problems of the world are impossible to solve” 
-Wilson, Death and other Holidays
TW/CW: Grieving a family members death, divorce, talks of suicide

A short book, but very well written (to me anyway). We’re taken into the life of April. Set in the 90’s, April just lost her stepfather, Wilson. Her mother biological father separated when she was younger, and her father committed suicide when she was a teenager, so she’s had a pretty crappy life and has been dealing with death more than she should. She’s grieving them both and being in her late 20’s and now alone after her room mate Libby moved out to be with her boyfriend she has a lot of time to reflect on her past and present relationships as well as everything in between. These stories are often shown in little snippets or in a few pages. The words making a impactful statement, making you feel something in your soul. This is my first novella and I enjoyed it. 

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