Book Review: Over my Dead Body- Greg Melville

Title: Over my Dead body

Author: Greg Melville

Publisher: Harry N. Abrams

Format: Hardcover (Library)

Pages: 272

Cemeteries have always been a fear of mine. I never liked to walk past them because I thought the dead would become like zombies and come eat me, but I was always really intrigued by them. From very young I was always exposed to death. no matter if it was a family member or a pet or someone I knew. ‘Over My Dead Body’ is an extremely informational book filled with whit and a barrage of dad jokes. 

The book speaks about early cemeteries and graves. The lack of respect for indigenous and African American graves is also talked about in the book in depth. People had their graves disrespected by colonists building over them. One that’s pretty surprising is the African American burial ground that they built over in Central Park (the markers were removed). Another great topic brought up in the book is of funeral costs or the “American Way of Death” as described by Jessica Mitford. How grieving families are taken advantage of in a way. Wanting to upsell “the best” to these families. 

Overall, a great read. Very educative and informative (sometimes that drives me a bit mad lol). The author did great writing this book.

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