ARC Review: The Deep- Rivers Solomon

Title: The Deep

Author: Rivers Solomon

Publisher: Gallery/Saga Press

Pages: 176

Rating: 5/5

We meet Yetu. Everyone is obsessed with her. Why? Because Yetu holds the memoirs of what happened to her people…the drowning of pregnant African women by white male slave traders. Of course, now they’re part of the deep. Their traumatic past is too much to be remembered , that’s why everyone is counting on Yetu to help them. She carries all the memories whether they’re good or bad…and she just doesn’t want to remember. She decides to runaway and not take part in the “festivities”. Once she leaves she’s discovers a whole new world. I’m not going to lie, some of the prose used in the book was difficult for me because I’m used to other type of books. But, I made it through and enjoyed the book. What’s really cool about this book is that it’s inspired by the hit song by a band named:”Clipping”. 

ARC Review: Never Too Soon- Tamika Christy

Title: Never Too Soon

Author: Tamika Christy

Publisher: BQB Publishing

Pages: 320

Rating: 5/5

Never too soon is the second book in the Anaya Series. Anaya returns in another drama filled story. After her mother’s death, Anaya’s life sort of got back on track. She has a good job where she’s the youngest highest paid executive in the county. As a result shes put onto a major project that could potentially impact her life in more ways than one. Not only does she have to deal with her dingbat co-workers, but she’s surprised to see who else is on board with this project… her old flame Jeff. Having Jeff in the picture again only starts to confuse Anaya and old feelings start to come up again. Especially when a major scandal happens and she has to lean on Jeff for guidance. As a result of all these confusing feelings, Anaya’s relationship with her boyfriend Carl falls apart and they’re forced to make decisions that will change the game. 

Apart from having personal problems. Anaya ya to deal with all her family’s issues. I simply could not stand Ava. I loathe people like her who always push their religious beliefs on everyone. Constantly having to cater to people and her family has exhausted her and she begins to make changes.

I really appreciate that the author gave us an in depth look into Catie’s and Sophie’s lives to better understand them. They had such hard lives and I’m glad Anaya is their friend. I really hope there is a third part to this series because I need answers!

An overall great read. I want to thank the author for providing me with a copy of this book in an exchange for an honest review.
And don’t forget to get your copy on September 1.

Review: In The Gray Area Of Being Suicidal- Tea Jay

Title: In The Gray Area Of Being Suicidal

Author: Tea Jay

Publisher: Eliezer Tristan Publishing

Pages: TBD

Rating: 4/4

In The Gray Area Of Being Suicidal is a collection of essays written by Tea Jay. Tea jay deals with Mental Illness. Throughout most of her life she lived with the idea that she had ADHD, and then again bipolar disorder, when in actuality it was Border Line Personality Disorder. Just like anyone whose dealt or is dealing with a mental illness, you’ll have crazy thoughts. Sometimes you’ll act upon them…. Sometimes you’ll get a second chance to tell your story. Tea Jay has done just that. She takes us on a journey that even you the reader can relate to. She explains it also in a way where you don’t have to crack open a medical dictionary. 
If you need to understand more about your mental illness or have someone that you care about that is suffering with a mental illness….this book is for you.

Thank you to NetGalley for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. 

ARC Review: Lost You- Haylen Beck

Title: Lost You

Author: Haylen Beck

Publisher: Crown Publishing Group

Pages: 320

Rating: 5/5

I’ve never read any of Stuart Neville’s books, but this book was absolutely amazing and mind blowing. I’ve actually become such a fan of thrillers lately. This book takes you on a emotional rollercoaster that will have you asking what’s going to happen next. Beck takes you into the lives of two women who fall into the dark world of motherhood, surrogacy, and a very shady agency. Libby longs for a baby, but her fertility issues are making that all impossible. She gets lost in the anticipation of receiving her baby and commits unspeakable acts to become the mother she always wanted. Anna is in desperate need of some money, and when she’s presented with the opportunity to make some money by becoming a surrogate she immediately jumps at the opportunity. Even though she has signed a contract….she can’t help but start having second thoughts….and her feelings start getting in the way. Throughout this story you will see a lot of going back and fourth, but it’s so essential to the story. 

Libby is a single mother whose marriage didn’t work out. However, she has her little man Ethan by her side to make her happy. Life hasn’t been easy, but now that her novel is going to get published, Libby will embark on a new journey as a published writer. So she takes a mini trip with Ethan to celebrate. Even though she’s ‘s on this trip, libby is overly anxious and very protective of Ethan. Ethan, like every young child is curious and even though it was only a split second, he makes a mad dash for the elevator when Libby was distracted and before she has a chance to react…he vanished! The hotel security and police immediately begin a search for the boy and utilize their security surveillance system….and they come across something shocking. Libby is brought in and right before her eyes, she’s sees a woman….her…taking Ethan.

Beck did an amazing job keeping me at the edge of my seat. When i thought I finally figured something out, he goes and does a total plot twist on you. Fast paced and in your face. I promise this will not disappoint.

Huge thanks to NetGalley for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I definitely will be getting a physical copy.

ARC Review: Prison Torture in America- Paul Singh

Title: Prison Torture in America

Author: Paul Singh

Publisher: Science Literacy Books

Pages: 490

Rating: 4/4

Paul Singh gives us an inside look at the atrocious conditions that some of these prisoners go through on a daily basis, as far as their health is concerned. He worked alongside 15 other prisoners to get their accounts on the extreme and disheartening conditions they suffered in the hands of prison staff, both guards and medical staff. Singh goes on to discuss and describe the many times prisoners put in requests to be seen as an emergency because of their medical conditions and the countless times they were ignored or given false promises of immediate medical attention. A lot of the times these conditions got even worse and a lot of them on the brink of death, if not already dead because of the neglectful conditions they were left in. I know it’s a touchy subject for some that prisoners get rights in prisons because obviously, a lot of people think that they should be punished and have EVERYTHING taken away from them. Sometimes I myself am on the fence about this topic at times. Now I will say, I have no sympathy nor support murderers, rapists, child abusers, or animal abusers point blank! I believe they deserve the worse, however, the other prisoners who have committed smaller crimes, that actually have a chance to go back out into the real world and rehabilitate themselves shouldn’t be denied proper medical care or other prisoner rights. Its pretty disgusting and mind boggling how prison officials make it their business to destroy documentation of these prisoners so they won’t get in trouble with the higher ups or them just plain being evil and devious. I believe these issues need to be addressed more, and more has to be done in this prisons to make sure everyone is getting their proper medication or at least something close to it. This book is an eye-opener and I recommend everyone to read it. 
I want to thank NetGalley for the opportunity of giving me this ARC in exchange for an honest review on this book. Looking forward to my next read. 

January + February Wrap-up

Wow! These past two months have flown by really quickly. I’m really proud of myself because I have managed to read 13 books so far this year and it’s only Feb. That’s way more than I ready the whole entire year last year. I guess it helps too that I work at a bookstore and it feeds my addiction of purchasing new books. These are the books I’ve read so far. Not pictured are 5 more that are e-books.

These are the books I’v read:

January Titles

  1. Becoming- Michelle Obama…. 5/5
  2. Maid- Stephanie Land….5/5 (A.R.C)(e-book)
  3. 23/7: Kramet Reiter….3/5
  4. The House of Impossible Beauties- Joseph Cassara….5/5 (A.R.C)(e-book)

February Titles

5. Grief Sucks, and I just Want to Feel Better!- Stacey St. Holder….3/5 (e-book)

6. Getting Grief Right- Patrick O’Malley….3/5 (e-book)

7. I used to be The Sun- Valeria Eden….5/5

8. Selena’s Secret- Maria Celeste Arraras….3/5

9. The Girls at 17 Swann Street….5/5

10. I’ll Be There For You- Kelsey Miller….5/5 (e-book)

11. On The Come Up- Angie Thomas….5/5

12. Parkland- Dave Cullen….4/5

13. Prison Torture in America- Paul Singh….4/5 (A.R.C.)(e-book)

There you have it guys. I’m really excited to continue my reading journey for the rest of the year.

ARC Review: Maid-Stephanie Land

Title: Maid

Author: Stephanie Land

Publisher: Hachette Books

Pages: 288

Rating: 5/5

I was seeing this book floating around on Goodreads and then I happened to come across it on Netgalley as a ARC and I’m so glad I chose to review this. This book is more than just its Social Science context, it’s a deep look into the life of a woman whose life hasn’t been all peaches and cream. 

Life hasn’t been very kind to Stephanie and her daughter Mia. Without the help of Stephanie’s parents and Mia’s father, Jamie, things spiral out of control for Stephanie. Maid is about her journey to provide a better life for her daughter Mia while getting bits of help from our rather broken public assistance program and the low pay she received from her being a maid. When you hear the word maid, you instantly think of the rich and their black and white starched uniforms, talking all proper. In reality being a maid is washing dirty drawers, picking out pubes from a dirty bathroom, scrubbing and cleaning every dirty crevice you can imagine. Yet, these maids are looked down upon as the lowest of lows, not treated with respect and earning a ghastly wage, on top of that looked down upon those with fancy desk jobs or who were fortunate enough to not know the word:”struggle”. Unfortunately, Stephanie was a single mother and public assistance only took her so far, constantly going through food shortages because of lack of funds, constantly wondering where she was going to leave her daughter, wondering how much she would make everyday. It’s really a grueling situation trying to figure out how to pay your next bill or figure out your next meal on a measly pay. I know exactly how it’s like, because me and my husband have found ourselves knocking on evictions door. It wasn’t because we weren’t doing what we were supposed to do, it’s more of his job not doing their part in paying him while he was on a disability leave; 3 months back pay from his disability leave company. I honestly was very upset at the fact that Stephanie’s parents (although sometimes they helped) didn’t give her that support that she needed. They were judging the hell out of her and they seemed to choose their new partners/family over Stephanie. Another thing that bothered me was how much of a piece of crap Jamie was to Stephanie while she was trying to her very best to get up everyday and go to work. He boasted about being a great parent and a better person than Stephanie, but he would be abusive and say hurtful things to the person that’s supposed to be the mother of his child. 
I personally don’t judge anyone that needs public assistance or anything like that because there are legit people out there who need it. There’s people out there who pay their taxes and work, but it still just isn’t enough. Don’t think because a person makes $20 an hour, that that is it. NO! You have to factor in how much taxes they’re taking out, you have to factor in their bills, they food, if they have a kid etc. It’s not easy, and I really hated how much of a hard time they would give Stephanie at the grocery store because the used a WIC check or EBT card; the looks given by other people because she was getting help from the government. As a former cashier for supermarkets, I always treated people with EBT and WIC checks with respect and never any differently than those who paid with a credit/debit card and cash. If I saw someone with a WIC check, I would close my lane for the time I am with the customer and I make sure to tell any other customer that approaches my line that I’m closed for the moment to do some paperwork (I know sometimes people don’t like for other people to know they use it…because…duh!…Stigmas).If they get the wrong thing, I just go get it quick and efficiently, no need to shame them. I admire Stephanie for all her hard work and determination, as well as writing about her experiences. Often times people may say people who blog or write about their lives are whiners and complainers, but I beg to differ. Writing is an outlet for many; sometimes it’s the only thing they have. Because of that, people got to see what she truly went through and how she felt. How everything she did and continues to do is for the well-being of her daughter. I hope that she continues being successful and she gets everything she deserves. I really enjoyed this book and it made me really open my eyes to how hard maids have it; how much they sacrifice. I would recommend this book to everyone, especially those who believe the stigmas of those less unfortunate to be wealthy.

Publication Date Expected: 1/22/2019