Blackthorn Book Tour Review: Of Myth and Shadow- Matthew S. Cox

Title: Of Myth and Shadow

Author: Matthew S. Cox

Publisher: Division Zero Press

Pages: 896

Rating: 5/5

I’m so happy to be joining Blackthorn publications on their book tour for Matthew Cox’s book: “Of Myth and Shadow”. Cox did a magnificent job creating a magical setting and story to suck in the reader. A fantasy novel full of epic characters, beautiful scenery, and topics to make you think and engage in conversation. 

Aegaan, a small and quiet town has been under attack by Elves, and because of these attacks the racial tension between humans and Elves is on a all time high. Anrael whose half elf has bad feelings about this because people already dislike him. These attacks are surely to lead to a major war. Anrael is not the only character affected about this. Kylie is a full fledge forest elf and is under great confusion as to what she’s going to do. There’s also a whole bunch of other characters whom are affected by everything and also face uncertainty. 

This amazing novel is full of great narratives, magic (especially when it comes to the elves), action, politics, supernatural elements, and much more! I will admit this book is pretty huge and intimidating, but I promise you you won’t be able to put it down. I9t gave me major George R.R. Martin and Tolkien vibes. Huge thanks to Blackthorn book tours for giving me a copy in exchange for an honest review. I also purchased the book because my tired eyes couldn’t read it well on my small phone screen

ARC Review: The Hollow Gods- A.J. Vrana

Title: The Hollow Gods

Author: A.J. Vrana

Publisher: The Parliament House Press

Pages: 406

Rating: 5/5

“F*ck this sh*t”
“F*uck everything”
“And f*ck that squirrel in particular”

The ‘Hollow Gods’ is A.J. Vrana’s debut novel and boy she came with a bang. Filled with folklore and amazing characters, this story takes you on a amazing dark and demonic journey. This amazing and creepy story is about a town that’s harboring a secret. We meet Miya, whose struggling hard as a university student. She fearful and feels like she’s in trouble.

We also meet Kai, whose inspired the infamous line everyone has been reciting in there reviews. He’s an absolute handful. We meet him when Miya comes across him and he ends up waking up next to a dead woman. After all, this town is known for women disappearing and then ending up dead. Kai is just one of those that keeps it real and gets to the point. Both he and I would be friends just on the fact that we throw f-bombs out there like compliments.

Then there’s Mason, an Oconlogist dealing with personal issues as well. But somehow all three characters merge together to go on a adventure to get to the bottom of the dreamwalker legend. I have to hand it to Vrana for creating such an amazing story, and characters. There’s a lot to keep up with with, but everything flows perfectly. Huge thanks to parliament press for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

ARC Review: Arms of the Ocean- Jamie Webster & M. Dalto

Title: Arms of the Ocean

Author: Jamie Webster & M. Dalto

Publisher: The Parliament House

Pages: N/A

Rating: 5/5

When I saw this beautiful book I knew I had to read it. I love stories that have to do with the ocean and mermaids. Arms of the Ocean takes place in the city of Inara. A beautiful city that’s described as a place where no harm can be done. We meet Tristaine who lives with her alcoholic father who she’s trying to help. After her mother up’s and abandons them, her father turns to liquid poison to deal with her absence, but her brothers as well. He decided to go and make his own life and get married. Who could blame him? No matter how many times he asks his sister to do the same.She simply can’t. She loves Inara too much. It needs her.

But after a situation with her father goes horribly wrong, her limits are tested and she starts to wonder if her love for Inara and her life is even worth it anymore. I won’t tell you the rest, you’re gonna have to find out for yourself. I really enjoyed this book. Webster and Dalto did any amazing job writing it, and it was simply magical like I knew it would be. Thank you to the Parliament House Press for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

Review: The Revolutionaries: Book One Power Divided- S.Behr

Title: Power Divided

Author: S. Behr

Publisher: S. Behr

Pages: 376

Rating: 5/5

When I received this book from S.Behr I was absolutely ecstatic about it. I was immediately sucked into the story. The book can be considered two genres, well at least to me. It was sci-fi, but definitely has some YA fantasy elements to it. It also has futuristic elements to it, especially when it has a character that is an AI named Hailey. The book started off very fast paced and full of action. The book shows you the beginnings of Violet’s self discovery, especially about some very special and unique powers even she didn’t know about.

I absolutely loved Hailey. She was quirky, sarcastic, as well as a amazing friend. She made sure to take care of Violet and her furry friend Jane when they were most vulnerable. Don’t get me started on the cuteness that is Jane. I’m just so glad nothing bad happened to her. Otherwise, I would’ve probably thrown the book against the wall. lol. I really enjoyed the Sci-Fi elements in the book because it’s a genre I normally don’t read at all. The book teaches you about love, acceptance, and forgiveness. One thing I would’ve probably changed is the ending a bit, just because it focus too much on the princess and courtship you usually find in YA books. I really wanted my continual Sci-Fi fix along with Hailey. Hopefully she makes another appearance. I’m also intrigued what the second book has in store for Violet. S. Behr did an amazing job writing the book. Her words were so beautifully intertwined with the story, and she really described everything so well. She definitely didn’t make you feel bored with it. The description of landscapes, and the realms and overall all of Amera was well done. Thank you again to S.Behr for a copy of this amazing book in exchange for an honest review.

ARC Review: The Crowns of Croswald- D.E. Night

Title: The Crowns of Crosswald

Author: D.E. Night

Publisher: Stories Untold

Pages: 314

Rating: 4/5

Ivy is 16 years old.
She’s a kitchen maid.
She also loses her job and her house.
She feels awful, because she already feels like she’s not destined to be anything else but a maid. She wishes to attend “Halls of Ivy” which is a prestigious magic school. The school is for royal people and for those who have magical blood coursing through their veins. but something weird and magical happens where she can attend the school and that’s where things start to get interesting and magical. Questionable things start happening within the walls of the magic school. Almost like Ivy is supposed to know about these things. One man comes across her dreams overnight and she wants to know who he is and why she has magical powers. I really enjoyed Night’s attention to detail in the book. She describes everything so smoothly and vividly. I enjoyed learning about the scrivenerist’s and their ability to have photographic memory so they can sketch. This resonates perfectly with Ivy, as she herself loves to sketch. I also enjoyed a few of the characters in the book as well, such as Rebecca and Humboldt. They added a cool aspect to the book. The magical creatures were also a plus. I will agree though, just like most people have stated, the book has major Harry Potter vibes and that’s not necessarily a bad thing to me anyway.

Overall I really enjoyed this book. I would consider it a middle grade book so it’s good for the age group of 8-13 year olds. I love the magical journey this book took me on. It’s reminds me of my childhood, and me getting lost in a different world. I think my fave characters was the evil queen and her cloaked brood. I believe I’m a major villain supporter. I wouldn’t mind seeing a book about her life prior to being the evil queen.

Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

ARC Review: The Book Knights- J.G. McKenney

Title: The Book Knights

Author: J.G. McKenney

Publisher: N/A

Pages: 280

Rating: 4/5

I went into this book blindfolded, But I definitely could tell that it was a Arthurian novel. The language and descriptive writing from the writer gave it away and I was really engrossed in the novel. I’ve become really attached to Fantasy novels in the last couple of years.
Arti is the main character of the story. Her poor parent shave been locked up for reading, loving, and having books (the horror!)Art meets another girl…street smart if you will…and they form an alliance with other valuable characters to make things right, an avoid bigger more awful things from happening.

I love how imaginative J.G. Mckenney writing was. It was descriptive and just plain amazing! I really enjoyed this book and I loved the diversity included in it. I’m hoping theres a second book because that ending was just ufff! Thank you to NetGalley and the publishers for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!

ARC Review: Disenchanted- Brianna Sugalski

Title: Disenchanted

Author: Brianna Sugalski

Publisher: The Parliament House

Pages: N/A

Rating: 5/5

When I first heard about ‘Disenchanted’ I was super intrigued. Ive really gotten into fantasy these last couple of years. Let’s just say with Sugalski’s amazing descriptive form of writing, I felt like I was transported into the magical celtic tale. *Hint hint* The story is based in a actual historical town! The story begins in the forest with a vampire and the duchess discussing a rather urgent manner. One that has to do with Princess lilac.
Lilac a 19 year old princess has been cooped up in that ever so boring tower. With two dunces as parents, She’s decided she’s had enough. After receiving a questionable letter, she starts on her journey through the forest of Broceliande. She has to be careful while trying to escape the tower of doom, so of course she’s solo in this mission. She encounters a lot during this journey including weird creatures. She thinks back to her tower when she encounters a human in animal form. She just wanted some food for her family..and then…her pig-headed parents did the unthinkable and of course the obvious.

She ends up a pitstop where she meets the ever so violent, sassy, sarcastic, yet charming and handsome Garin. I mean he gave you that aura of a pompous jackass but, also make you melt into a puddle of nothingness and made you a little hit and bothered. I really like how much growing up Lilac did. She showed a lot of improvement from when she was naive and hardheaded one. She decided to go out there and see things for herself instead of believing just what she read about or what was fed to her. There was obvious romance, but that’s never been an issue for me. I enjoy a little romance. I’m really looking forward to the second book…THAT’S RIGHT….this series is a duology. I’m looking forward to reading more into the story of the forest. I really am excited. HUGE THANKS to The Parliament House and Brianna for a copy of this book in a exchange for an honest review.

ARC Review: Sons of Fire- Tracy Auerbach

Title: Sons of Fire

Author: Tracy Auerbach

Publisher: The Parliament House

Pages: N/A

Rating: 5/5

We meet two brothers…Keegan and Aidan.
Keegan is the black sheep of the two. He is the one with the good heart and everyone knows it. His father could care less for him however. Aidan on the other hand is daddy’s prized son and why? He’s just as evil and power hungry as his father….completely heartless as well. 
The two have been asked to do a task that they both failed horribly at and are forced to go to the real world and work together, but that becomes a problem. One still has demon tendencies within himself and the other has human. This is great in a way because they both start to realize things about themselves. Even Aidan realizes there’s more to himself than being evil and terrorizing people. 
This book was so amazing and very well written. It kept me on the edge of my seat and wanting more. Kudos to Auerbach for creating a masterpieces that kept me on my toes. 

Thank you to the Parliament House for providing me with a copy in a exchange for an honest review.

ARC Review: The Infernal Machine- C.W. Snyder

Title: The infernal Machine

Author: C.W. Snyder

Publisher: The Parliament House

Pages: n/a

Rating: 4/5

There was so much that was good with this book. A steampunk tale with some supernatural vibes (and some gore too!), philosophical situations, flashbacks that don’t overwhelm you like some other authors do when they write them. 
Arthur White, Mr. Black, and Ava take you on a dark and promising adventure. Arthur meets Mr. Black while he was working as a cemetery caretaker. Mr. Black gifts him an a immortal clockwork heart so Mr. White could do all of Mr. Black’s dirty work. We follow Arthur’s journey with his rather questionable behavior. After they find out a mutual friend has passed away, they both find that Lucifer’s heart is out there and they need to find it. 
The Flashbacks and dreams give you a gist of what happened in their lives prior to get to where they did; take you through the dark times. The infernal machine is an amazing work of art. Making you think about all the “what ifs”. You’ll find demons, devils, and some nazi’s. 

Thank you to Parliament Press for providing me with a copy in a exchange for an honest review and thank you for allowing me to participate in this blog tour.

ARC Review: The Deep- Rivers Solomon

Title: The Deep

Author: Rivers Solomon

Publisher: Gallery/Saga Press

Pages: 176

Rating: 5/5

We meet Yetu. Everyone is obsessed with her. Why? Because Yetu holds the memoirs of what happened to her people…the drowning of pregnant African women by white male slave traders. Of course, now they’re part of the deep. Their traumatic past is too much to be remembered , that’s why everyone is counting on Yetu to help them. She carries all the memories whether they’re good or bad…and she just doesn’t want to remember. She decides to runaway and not take part in the “festivities”. Once she leaves she’s discovers a whole new world. I’m not going to lie, some of the prose used in the book was difficult for me because I’m used to other type of books. But, I made it through and enjoyed the book. What’s really cool about this book is that it’s inspired by the hit song by a band named:”Clipping”.