Review: Anytime Soon- Tamika Christy

Title: Any Time Soon

Author: Tamika Christy

Publisher: BQB Publishing

Pages: 278

Rating: 5/5

Anaya Goode and her family suffer a great tragedy in their family; everyone grieving in their own way. Anaya’s brother Andrew is killed at a party one night and a year later, there’s still no leads. Anaya returns from college to help her family out. When she comes home she’s bombarded with all of her family’s problems and drama. Let me tell you, those people were a handful! I honestly don’t blame Anaya for always feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and depressed. She was always put in the middle of everyone’s issues.
Not only does Anaya have to deal with family issues but she also has to worry about her friends and their issues. Especially when it comes to her fired Sophie. Sophie is also doing cocaine. Sophie’s continual flaky behavior has made Anaya say enough and do her own form of intervention with Sophie. Then comes Anaya’s own personal and love life. Anaya starts working at a law firm after one of the professor’s from her previous job at her college recommended her. As time passes both of them start to fall for each other, sometimes Jeff showing more interest than Anaya. Why? Anaya also has to worry about Carl. A young man that worked with her at her previous job as well. So much drama .What I find a little disturbing about Jeff and Carl is their obsessive behavior towards Anaya. To me they didn’t even know a lot about her that much to spring the “L” word on her. Even Jeff has his little demons and secrets. After a year of up’s and down’s another tragedy hits the family and Anaya is forced to make decisions that will alter her life and everyone else’s around her. For this being the author’s first book it was an excellent story. There’s instances I wish there was more background on certain characters to see how they ended up in their situations. I overall enjoyed the story. I’m looking forward to reading part 2 of the Anaya Series.

Mid-Year Book Freak Out Tag!!

As a newbie to the consistent book blogging world, I came across this tag on Sofii’s blog from A Book. A Thought . Apparently a lot of bloggers do this mid-year book freak out tag to see their updates on the books read this year so far. Currently I’m doing very well on my goodreads challenge. I’m only 20 books away from my goal of 50. Who knows…I might just surpass it. i’ve already read more these 6 months than I did in the whole entire year last year.

Lets’s get to this!

Best Book You’ve So Far Read In 2019

This was actually a toughy of a question because I’ve read a lot of great books this year so far, but Michelle’s book was really a moving and definitely life changing. You can find my review here .

Best Sequel You’ve So Far Read in 2019

I’ve yet to read a sequel this year. I have to look into some.

New Releases You Haven’t Read Yet, But Want To

Most Anticipated Release of The Second Half of 2019

Biggest Disappointment

I really had such high hopes for this, and all I wanted to do was throw this book against the wall.

Biggest Surprise

I’m sooooo glad I gave this book a chance. It’s sorta my first YA Fantasy ever. Usually I don’t ever read fantasy but, this book really sealed the deal.

Favorite New to Me Author

Favorite Crush


Favorite Character

That would have to be Annika from ” The Girl He Used To Know”. There were so many similarities between her and I that I sometimes I had to step reading because it was so on point it was scary.

Book That Made You Cry

Raw essays from people who suffer from mental illness will definitely cause some water works.

A Book That Made You Happy

I saw this book one day at work and since I’m a HUGEEEEE little mermaid fan since I was a kid, I picked it up and fell in love with it. It’s so refreshing to see a different interpretation of how things would’ve been. This series has a lot of mixed reviews, but I didn’t let that take away the fun for me. We all have different tastes.

Book to Movie Adaptation

I was so happy to hear that they were making a movie out of this awesome series. I just finished re-reading them and I’m really excited to see the movie already.

Favorite Blog Post of Mine

Right Here. It was a long post but very fun.

Most Beautiful Book You’ve Bought This Year

I mean look how beautiful this cover is.

What Book Do You Need To Read By The End of The Year?

Whewww! We’ve made it folks. I would love to hear from you guys on how your mid year is going.

January + February Wrap-up

Wow! These past two months have flown by really quickly. I’m really proud of myself because I have managed to read 13 books so far this year and it’s only Feb. That’s way more than I ready the whole entire year last year. I guess it helps too that I work at a bookstore and it feeds my addiction of purchasing new books. These are the books I’ve read so far. Not pictured are 5 more that are e-books.

These are the books I’v read:

January Titles

  1. Becoming- Michelle Obama…. 5/5
  2. Maid- Stephanie Land….5/5 (A.R.C)(e-book)
  3. 23/7: Kramet Reiter….3/5
  4. The House of Impossible Beauties- Joseph Cassara….5/5 (A.R.C)(e-book)

February Titles

5. Grief Sucks, and I just Want to Feel Better!- Stacey St. Holder….3/5 (e-book)

6. Getting Grief Right- Patrick O’Malley….3/5 (e-book)

7. I used to be The Sun- Valeria Eden….5/5

8. Selena’s Secret- Maria Celeste Arraras….3/5

9. The Girls at 17 Swann Street….5/5

10. I’ll Be There For You- Kelsey Miller….5/5 (e-book)

11. On The Come Up- Angie Thomas….5/5

12. Parkland- Dave Cullen….4/5

13. Prison Torture in America- Paul Singh….4/5 (A.R.C.)(e-book)

There you have it guys. I’m really excited to continue my reading journey for the rest of the year.

ARC Review: Maid-Stephanie Land

Title: Maid

Author: Stephanie Land

Publisher: Hachette Books

Pages: 288

Rating: 5/5

I was seeing this book floating around on Goodreads and then I happened to come across it on Netgalley as a ARC and I’m so glad I chose to review this. This book is more than just its Social Science context, it’s a deep look into the life of a woman whose life hasn’t been all peaches and cream. 

Life hasn’t been very kind to Stephanie and her daughter Mia. Without the help of Stephanie’s parents and Mia’s father, Jamie, things spiral out of control for Stephanie. Maid is about her journey to provide a better life for her daughter Mia while getting bits of help from our rather broken public assistance program and the low pay she received from her being a maid. When you hear the word maid, you instantly think of the rich and their black and white starched uniforms, talking all proper. In reality being a maid is washing dirty drawers, picking out pubes from a dirty bathroom, scrubbing and cleaning every dirty crevice you can imagine. Yet, these maids are looked down upon as the lowest of lows, not treated with respect and earning a ghastly wage, on top of that looked down upon those with fancy desk jobs or who were fortunate enough to not know the word:”struggle”. Unfortunately, Stephanie was a single mother and public assistance only took her so far, constantly going through food shortages because of lack of funds, constantly wondering where she was going to leave her daughter, wondering how much she would make everyday. It’s really a grueling situation trying to figure out how to pay your next bill or figure out your next meal on a measly pay. I know exactly how it’s like, because me and my husband have found ourselves knocking on evictions door. It wasn’t because we weren’t doing what we were supposed to do, it’s more of his job not doing their part in paying him while he was on a disability leave; 3 months back pay from his disability leave company. I honestly was very upset at the fact that Stephanie’s parents (although sometimes they helped) didn’t give her that support that she needed. They were judging the hell out of her and they seemed to choose their new partners/family over Stephanie. Another thing that bothered me was how much of a piece of crap Jamie was to Stephanie while she was trying to her very best to get up everyday and go to work. He boasted about being a great parent and a better person than Stephanie, but he would be abusive and say hurtful things to the person that’s supposed to be the mother of his child. 
I personally don’t judge anyone that needs public assistance or anything like that because there are legit people out there who need it. There’s people out there who pay their taxes and work, but it still just isn’t enough. Don’t think because a person makes $20 an hour, that that is it. NO! You have to factor in how much taxes they’re taking out, you have to factor in their bills, they food, if they have a kid etc. It’s not easy, and I really hated how much of a hard time they would give Stephanie at the grocery store because the used a WIC check or EBT card; the looks given by other people because she was getting help from the government. As a former cashier for supermarkets, I always treated people with EBT and WIC checks with respect and never any differently than those who paid with a credit/debit card and cash. If I saw someone with a WIC check, I would close my lane for the time I am with the customer and I make sure to tell any other customer that approaches my line that I’m closed for the moment to do some paperwork (I know sometimes people don’t like for other people to know they use it…because…duh!…Stigmas).If they get the wrong thing, I just go get it quick and efficiently, no need to shame them. I admire Stephanie for all her hard work and determination, as well as writing about her experiences. Often times people may say people who blog or write about their lives are whiners and complainers, but I beg to differ. Writing is an outlet for many; sometimes it’s the only thing they have. Because of that, people got to see what she truly went through and how she felt. How everything she did and continues to do is for the well-being of her daughter. I hope that she continues being successful and she gets everything she deserves. I really enjoyed this book and it made me really open my eyes to how hard maids have it; how much they sacrifice. I would recommend this book to everyone, especially those who believe the stigmas of those less unfortunate to be wealthy.

Publication Date Expected: 1/22/2019

2019’S TBR List

It’s that time again folks!

It’s time to share those TBR lists for the upcoming new year. I know that I’m definitely going to try to read everything on my list. I have NO EXCUSES now. I literally work at a bookstore.

I have a little over 10 titles I want to read….OKI lied!…more like 36 titles that I absolutely must read without a doubt. And since I am shooting for 100 books this year on my goodreads challenge, it really doesn’t matter. Ever since I started working at a bookstore, my love for reading has come back and I’ve read 4 books alone this month. Sometimes you just need a little push you know. I’m looking forward to reading the following titles this year and of course there’s many more, but these really tug at my bookworm heart strings.

1.Just After Midnight: Catherine Ryan Hyde

2.The Tattooist of Auschwitz: Heather Morris

3. The Woman in the Window: A.J. Finn

4. Heavy: An American Memoir: Kiese Laymon

5. What if it’s Us: Adam Silvera

6. 1,000 Books to Read Before you Die: A Life Changing List- James Mustich

7. Well-Read Black Girl: Finding Our Stories, Discovering Ourselves- Glory Edim

8. What if this Were Enough?: Heather Havrilesky

9. American Overdose: The Opioid Tragedy in Three Acts- Chris McGreal

10. Suicidal: Why We Kill Ourselves: Jesse Bering

11. The Library Book: Susan Orlean

12. Freshwater: Akwaeke Emezi

13. Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine: Hail Honeyman

14. A Spark of Light: Jodi Picoult

15. I’ll Be There for You: The one about Friends- Kelsey Miller

16. Nine Perfect Strangers: Liane Moriarty

17. 29 Dates: Melissa De La Cruz

18. The House Next Door: James Patterson

19. 22/11/63: Stephen King

20. The Mortuary Arts: John Gregory Hancock

21. Post Mortems: Carla Valentine

22. The Good Neighbor: Maxwell King

23. The Outsider: Stephen King

24. My Friend Dahmer: Derf Backderf

25. Insane: Alisa Roth

26. 23/7: Reiter Keramet

27. Locked In: John F. Auyero

28. The last Girl: Nadia Murad

29. Putting Makeup on Dead People: Jen Violi

30. Grave Matters: Mark Harris

31. The Undertakering: Thomas lynch

32. Curtains: Tom Jokinen

33. Down Among the Dead Men: Michelle Williams

34. Smoke gets into Your Eyes: Caitlin Doughty

35. I’ll be Gone in the Dark: Michelle McNamara

36. Parkland: Dave cullen

WHEW! that was exhausting but we have made it to the end of my list….for now! What are some of the books you’re looking forward to read in 2019? Comment below.

Oh, of course, HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! Be safe and don’t drink or drive!