Harlequin Blog Tours-ARC Review: Sister Dear- Hannah Mary McKinnon

Title: Sister Dear

Author: Hannah Mary McKinnon

Publisher: Mira Books

Pages: 384

Rating: 5/5

Yet another amazing thriller that I have to add to my physical book library. Eleanor was raised by a toxic mother. She suffers from crappy self-esteem, she’s antisocial, and dislikes her body thanks to all the body shaming her evil mother has bestowed upon her. Eleanor has also lost the only person she’s ever known as her father to cancer. 

As she’s grieving him she finds out that he isn’t her father after all. She finds out her real father is a wealthy business man with a beautiful wife, and a daughter named Victoria. Of course her real father wants nothing to do with her. She’s instantly infuriated. She should should be living that great life, she should be in Victoria’s spot, she should be living that happy life. Instead, she lives in a crappy home with her mother and overall she’s just a unloveable miserable person. After finding out about Victoria, Eleanor vows to share that glamorous life with her sister…after all sharing is caring right?

I absolutely loved this book and couldn’t put it down. I definitely have found another thriller author who I will be reading more from. McKinnon has a way with words. Even though Eleanor was a bit cuckoo bananas you can’t help but feel sorry for her. That’s how well written this book was. Huge thanks to NetGalley, Mira Books, and Harlequin Publishing for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Harlequin Blog Tours- ARC Review: The Darkness We Hide- Debra Webb

Title: The Darkness We Hide

Author: Debra Webb

Publisher: Mira Books

Pages: 352

Rating: 5/5

Even though I didn’t read the first two books in “The Undertaker’s Daughter” series, the author gave good enough information to help you get caught up with what’s going on.

Rowan Dupont knows a thing or two about death. She’s been surrounded by it all her life. Her father was The Undertaker for their family’s mortuary business. So being around dead bodies doesn’t faze her. While she was a Police Officer, her father got killed by a former associate of her mother’s named Julian Addington. She took over her father and became the town’s Undertaker now so she’s on a mission to find her father’s killer and bring him to justice once and for all in the third and what I assume is the final of this trilogy. What’s even more unsettling about all this is that this isn’t Julian’s first murder either.
When people close to Rowan start dropping like flies she knows that Julian is near again, and he will strike again not stopping until he gets to finally reveal a deep dark secret to Rowan. One that will change the course of things. 

I really enjoyed this book considering that I didn’t read the first two installments in the series. However, after reading this one I’m absolutely hooked, especially because it’s a serial killer novel; I’m obsessed with serial killers (not in a bad way:0). The book kept me on the edge of my seat and I enjoyed the author’s writing. Let’s see if we can get that serial killer bookclub huh? Huge thanks to NetGalley and Mira books for a copy of this book in a exchange for an honest review. 

Harlequin Blog Tours-ARC Review: The Henna Artist- Alka Joshi

Title: The Henna Artist

Author: Alka Joshi

Publisher: Mira Books

Pages: 368

Rating: 5/5

I never knew a book could take on such a magical journey. Everything about this book made me enamored for it. Taken place in the 1950’s in India, Lakshmi escaped her abusive marriage when she was a teenager. She headed to the city of Jaipur where she made a huge name for herself has a Henna artist. While other henna artist used basic lines, dots, and triangles, Lakshmi’s art spoke volumes and told stories about the women. The wealthy clients believed her art could bring back straying husbands and make the women have babies.

With her newfound stable income Lakshmi was able to afford her first home. Then the unthinkable happens and her ex-husbnd pops back into her life….and with a special guest. Her 13 year old sister Radha whom she had no idea even existed. This book takes you on a incredible journey of family traditions, secrets, revenge, and forgiveness. I loved how the author used her writing to give you a glimpse into the Indian Culture. I will admit, just like everyone has said in their reviews, the character list is quite intimidating at first. But, I had no problem keeping up. Oh, the author also provided an index in the back of all the words used in the book that were italicized.

I really enjoyed it and if you’re looking for an adventure to another world and country without having to fly in a airplane…this book is for you. Huge thanks to NetGalley, Mira Books, and Alka Joshi for a copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review.

Harlequin Book Tours- ARC Review- Ten Days Long )A.L. McKittridge #1)- Beverly Long

Title: Ten Days Gone

Author: Beverly Long

Publisher: Mira Books

Pages: 384

Rating: 5/5

Books such as ‘Ten Days Gone’ remind me of James Patterson’s The Women’s Murder Club and The Alex Cross Series. Procedurals are one of my faves. I’m sure the A.L. McKittridge Series will be one of the my faves series’s. 
The book opens up with the death of the fourth woman in forty days. Each killed 10 days apart. The clues are out there. He has a M.O. The Baywood, Wisconsin Police Department have to act fast before the killer takes on his next victim. The author does a great job at describing the characters, making sure they stay embedded into your memory. A.L and Rena are very feisty characters and I love it. Both are dealing not only with the murders but, also dealing with their own personal battles in their respective homes. I loved the different point of views. I didn’t feel overwhelmed like certain authors make you feel sometimes. Ten Days Gone kept me on my toes (as a great thriller should make you feel), wanting to know what was coming next, and holding my breath for the next victim. The ending was mind blowing and I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next. Thank you to Harlequin Trade Publishing, Mira and Beverly Long, and NetGalley for a e-arc in a exchange for an honest review. I’m happy to be a part of the Harlequin Blog Tours.