Review: Prefect- D.D. Larsen

Title: Perfect

Author: D.D. Larsen

Publisher: N/A

Pages: 301

Rating: 4/5

TW/CW: Forcible sexual situations, underage drinking, coma situations 

Let’s start off by saying to not let the cover fool you. It looks like a sweet contemporary story, but within the pages lies some extremely hot and steamy sex scenes that definitely made me hot and bothered. We meet Seryna whose on the road to starting college, so she’s taking everything in and doing normal teenage things I suppose. After going to a couple of parties and having to try to defend herself against a couple of horny boys, Seryna tuns into hot, sexy, and older Kieran. Kieran has always been there when those situations would arise like some angel in disguise. Pretty soon Kieran and Seryna become quite fond of each other and Kieran confesses that he’s a FBI agent under cover watching her family because they suspect her father to be involved in an illegal moonshine business. It also is been said that the moonshine contains amphetamines high have been the cause of hundreds of deaths, especially amongst the young crowd. 

Seryna and Kieran’s romance starts to pick up pace. It was so unexpected and under some weird conditions. but Seryna is totally smitten and so is Kiera. She just can’t believe her perfect he is. He wine and dines her. he pays for everything and even buys her a new car, but she doesn’t care about money. She just cares about Kieran, and how amazing he is and makes her feel. Let’s not forget how amazing he acts towards her family and friends, especially after a accident happens that leaves everything up in the air. I mean we all can agree that Kieran was dreamy af, but somewhere down the line I was asking myself why is he so perfect? What’s wrong with him? I will admit the author gave me a scare at the end (you’ll have to read it to find out). There were some spelling errors, but it take away from the story I also would’ve liked to see less of the sexual situations with Seryna and Kieran and more focus on the investigation. As well as more background on Seryna’s Brother. I wouldn’t mind seeing a book in Kerman’s perspective. I’m definitely invested in this story and I’m going to need for book #2 to come out ASAP. Thanks to D.D. Larsen for sending me a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review. 

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ARC Review: Prison Torture in America- Paul Singh

Title: Prison Torture in America

Author: Paul Singh

Publisher: Science Literacy Books

Pages: 490

Rating: 4/4

Paul Singh gives us an inside look at the atrocious conditions that some of these prisoners go through on a daily basis, as far as their health is concerned. He worked alongside 15 other prisoners to get their accounts on the extreme and disheartening conditions they suffered in the hands of prison staff, both guards and medical staff. Singh goes on to discuss and describe the many times prisoners put in requests to be seen as an emergency because of their medical conditions and the countless times they were ignored or given false promises of immediate medical attention. A lot of the times these conditions got even worse and a lot of them on the brink of death, if not already dead because of the neglectful conditions they were left in. I know it’s a touchy subject for some that prisoners get rights in prisons because obviously, a lot of people think that they should be punished and have EVERYTHING taken away from them. Sometimes I myself am on the fence about this topic at times. Now I will say, I have no sympathy nor support murderers, rapists, child abusers, or animal abusers point blank! I believe they deserve the worse, however, the other prisoners who have committed smaller crimes, that actually have a chance to go back out into the real world and rehabilitate themselves shouldn’t be denied proper medical care or other prisoner rights. Its pretty disgusting and mind boggling how prison officials make it their business to destroy documentation of these prisoners so they won’t get in trouble with the higher ups or them just plain being evil and devious. I believe these issues need to be addressed more, and more has to be done in this prisons to make sure everyone is getting their proper medication or at least something close to it. This book is an eye-opener and I recommend everyone to read it. 
I want to thank NetGalley for the opportunity of giving me this ARC in exchange for an honest review on this book. Looking forward to my next read.