Review: The Archons Rise (Humanity’s Guantlet Book 1)- Brian Sieteski

Title: Humanity’s Guantlet

Author: Brian Sieteski

Publisher: N/A

Pages: N/A

Rating: 4/5

The Archons Rise a sci-fi thriller that focuses on Dante and his canine companion Aristotle. While watching some political television they were surprised to see a explosion take place at what supposed to be an inauguration. Everyone in attendance is sadly dead.
Flash forward Dante is not one for politics, but in some bizarre turn of events Dante gets a chance to live in the White House with five other political leaders. The question is…how did this all come about? Normally the sci fi genre isn’t really my cup of tea, but the blurb and sneak peak I took in the book didn’t disappoint so I gave it a chance. The novel was very engaging and full of action. Dante has to figure out a way of finding out whose behind the attacks and what the government has in store. I really loved how descriptive the author was, especially with the characters. He really outdid himself. I really felt like the story was playing in front of me like a movie, and the ending added dramatic effect which probably means a sequel is possible. Huge thanks to the author for reaching out and providing me with a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

Review: The Revolutionaries: Book One Power Divided- S.Behr

Title: Power Divided

Author: S. Behr

Publisher: S. Behr

Pages: 376

Rating: 5/5

When I received this book from S.Behr I was absolutely ecstatic about it. I was immediately sucked into the story. The book can be considered two genres, well at least to me. It was sci-fi, but definitely has some YA fantasy elements to it. It also has futuristic elements to it, especially when it has a character that is an AI named Hailey. The book started off very fast paced and full of action. The book shows you the beginnings of Violet’s self discovery, especially about some very special and unique powers even she didn’t know about.

I absolutely loved Hailey. She was quirky, sarcastic, as well as a amazing friend. She made sure to take care of Violet and her furry friend Jane when they were most vulnerable. Don’t get me started on the cuteness that is Jane. I’m just so glad nothing bad happened to her. Otherwise, I would’ve probably thrown the book against the wall. lol. I really enjoyed the Sci-Fi elements in the book because it’s a genre I normally don’t read at all. The book teaches you about love, acceptance, and forgiveness. One thing I would’ve probably changed is the ending a bit, just because it focus too much on the princess and courtship you usually find in YA books. I really wanted my continual Sci-Fi fix along with Hailey. Hopefully she makes another appearance. I’m also intrigued what the second book has in store for Violet. S. Behr did an amazing job writing the book. Her words were so beautifully intertwined with the story, and she really described everything so well. She definitely didn’t make you feel bored with it. The description of landscapes, and the realms and overall all of Amera was well done. Thank you again to S.Behr for a copy of this amazing book in exchange for an honest review.

ARC Review: Losing Sight- Alyssa Lynn

Title: Losing Sight

Author: Alyssa Lynn

Publisher: Alyssa Lynn

Pages: N/A

Rating: 5/5

It’s been one year since that fateful day. The day that changed Ava’s, Jaycee’s, and Demo’s lives forever.

Here is my review for the first installment in this trilogy:

Alyssa Lynn takes us on the journey of a lifetime in the second installment of “The Perception Trilogy”. We are greeted with our main characters from the first book. Ava, Kaycie, and Demo. We also meet some characters that have come into the picture since the takedown of one of Marcus creations buildings. Since the madness of last year, the gang has been keeping a low profile and Ava is preparing for a major battle against Marcus Creations. They’ve been running for a year and it’s time to exact revenge. However, not everyone is as focused as Ava is. Kaycie is still distraught over losing the love of her life, Ethan. She’s numbing her pain by using injecting drugs into her system. Even though she has Robb who really likes her, she can’t seem to let Ethan go and start a new relationshipAva and Demo’s relationship is also on thin ice. Things have changed between them but, Demo does everything he can to get closer to her again. Can Demo and Ava rekindle the fire that once burned between them?
At Marcus Creations building #2:
We meet Digit, Omega, Torque, and Lynx. All of whom are prisoners to the navy suits at Marcus Creations. Digit and Omega can hear the screams from the room near them.The navy suits are always torturing someone. They know something major is coming their way but, they don’t know what.Alyssa Lynn takes you on the step by step process Ava takes to put together her plan to start a war against Marcus Creations, as well as a walk through the new shelter she built for her friends and others. In the end, Demo has a to make a crucial decision that will possibly make him lose the love of is life as well.

This book is fast paced and kept me on the edge of my seat. Of course there’s some comedic scenes in there to lighten the tension from the rest of the novel. Losing Sight is well-written. Lynn never disappoints me. I’m looking forward to book #3 and what the gang is going to do to finally destroy Marcus Creations.

Thank you to Alyssa Lynn for a copy of this book in a exchange for an honest review.

ARC Review: The Sound of Stars- Alechia Dow

Title: The Sound of Stars

Author: Alecia Dow

Publisher: Inkyard Press

Pages: 400

Rating: 5/5

“If we get separated and you have to choose between life and joining us, choose life, okay? Live. Live for us. Breathe for us. Survive for us.”

Janelle Baker aka Ellie is a 17 year old girl who survived a alien invasion. The aliens are named Ilori. Most of the population is gone. It’s Ellie, her parents, and a select few. Human emotions are nonexistent….and are punishable with execution! Ellie however, is a rule breaker and believes everyone should have access to literature. She keeps a secret library, but when a book goes missing…Ellie fears the Ilori will find it, track it back to her, and she could be killed. 
We then meet M0Rr1s (Morris). Morris was created in a lab to feel absolutely nothing. When he finds Ellie’s lab, her greatest fear comes true. Morris has to take her to be executed. But something remarkable happens. Morris finds himself attracted to music…human music. Their love for art brings them together and embarks them on a journey. A journey filled with music and books. The premise of the book is set in the future. I really dig the banned books theme to it. It reminds me of fahrenheit 451 meets Judge Dredd vibes. Dow did a great job with this book. Thank you to Inkyard press and Netgalley for a copy of this book in a exchange for a honest review.

ARC Review: This Will Kill That- Danielle K. Roux

Title: This Will Kill That

Author: Danielle K. Roux

Publisher: The Parliament House Press

Pages: N/A

Rating: 4/5

Can we just sit here and admire this beautiful cover for a bit?
*cue singing angels*
I was really excited to get my hands on this beauty once I saw it and read the blurb. This Will Kill That is fast paced, set in a dystopian society. A world disturbed by a unknown plague, a world divided by color assigned to people. Violence is seen throughout the book; it’s held in high regard. It’s the norm around there. I loved Rin and Amaya’s relationship. Even though they’re both completely different, there’s just something that brings them together. The LGBTQ representation is real. They honestly gave me “Girls of Paper and Fire”vibes with their relationship. 
Even though I loved the concept of this story, and the development of the characters as well as the telling of their stories. But, I just felt like there was something else missing from the book. I felt the plot was a bit all over the place…if there was any. But, thats just small things the author can fix.

ARC Review: The Deep- Rivers Solomon

Title: The Deep

Author: Rivers Solomon

Publisher: Gallery/Saga Press

Pages: 176

Rating: 5/5

We meet Yetu. Everyone is obsessed with her. Why? Because Yetu holds the memoirs of what happened to her people…the drowning of pregnant African women by white male slave traders. Of course, now they’re part of the deep. Their traumatic past is too much to be remembered , that’s why everyone is counting on Yetu to help them. She carries all the memories whether they’re good or bad…and she just doesn’t want to remember. She decides to runaway and not take part in the “festivities”. Once she leaves she’s discovers a whole new world. I’m not going to lie, some of the prose used in the book was difficult for me because I’m used to other type of books. But, I made it through and enjoyed the book. What’s really cool about this book is that it’s inspired by the hit song by a band named:”Clipping”. 

ARC Review: Seeing Double- Alyssa Lynn

Title: Seeing Double

Author: Alyssa Lynn

Publisher: TBD

Pages: 195

Rating: 5/5

In “Seeing Double” we meet Ava and Jett, who are best friends and unfortunately have the bad luck of being in a orphanage together, but that doesn’t stop them for hanging out and going on adventures outside the orphanage. During these adventures Ava notices that she’s starting to get all these mixed feelings towards Jett, but she doesn’t want to reciprocate on them because all she’s ever known between them has been friendship. One day Jett and Ava go on one of their many outings and come across a eerie looking building with men in navy suits. The curiosity gets the best of Jett and something intense happens that alters the life of Jett and Ava.

Flash Forward 10 years later:
Ava is a successful research geneticist and overworks herself a lot. Her fellow gal pals (and also fellow lab partners) advise her to take a little vacation. Ava agrees and decides to go back to where it all started 10 years ago. As she goes on her search for answers, Ava comes across someone from her past and all her emotions come to surface again, but they get caught by the navy suits and Ava must come up with a plan quickly before it’s too late. 
I must say there was so much action and suspense in this book. I was definitely on the edge of my seat to see what would happen next. And let’s not for get the steamy sex (nothing too raunchy)! I definitely enjoyed this book and I will be looking out for future books from Alyssa Lynn.

Thank you to Alyssa Lynn for providing me with a copy of “Seeing Double” for an honest review.