ARC Review: Dear Haiti, Love Alaine- Maika and Maritza Moulite

Title: Dear Haiti, Love Alaine

Author: Maika and Maritza Moulite

Publisher: Inkyard Press

Pages: 432

Rating: 5/5

When an incident at her school gets Alaine almost suspended, she is told to go back to her country and complete a internship at her aunt’s non-profit organization. Its called PATRONAL, which is an app created to help fund children in need in Haiti. While in Haiti she’s able to learn more about her country, and of course develop a cute crush on one of the interns. The book is full of lots of Haitian history and culture(I would’ve liked if this also talked about beautiful areas in Haiti). She learned quite a bit of her family history as well….especially when there’s a curse involved.

Follow Alaine as she takes you through her island, and some rather heart wrenching moments, especially those involved with her mom. I think it’s so important to see how she dealt with her moms dementia. That was honestly one of my fave parts of the story (not in a messed up way). Another great thing about this novel is that it’s written by two sisters. Kudos to Maika and Maritza Mountie. You created a beautiful story full of representation. Thank You to NetGalley and Inkyard Press for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I definitely need a copy of it on my shelf.

ARC Review: Tweet Cute- Emma Lord

Title: Tweet Cute

Author: Emma Lord

Publisher: Wednesday Books

Pages: 368

Rating: 5/5

Big League Burger was a family owned restaurant that somehow blew up overnight in success. They quickly became popular and they started to open many more locations. Pepper is a normal kid. She goes to school, she’s on the swimming team, and is on social media…but not how some people make think or know about. She’s actually the mastermind behind her parents’s twitter account for their restaurant.

We meet Jack and his brother. Everyone praises Jack’s brother and Jack always seems to be in his brother’s shadow. He just wants to feel special too. He still however helps out his family in their deli. When he discovers that a family recipe for grilled cheese has been stolen by Big League Burger, he gets upset and begins a twitter war with BLB. But, what no-one knows is that Jack has invented an app where he talks to Pepper on and pretty soon….sparks start to fly between them.

It’s a cute read with lots of social media referencing and yummy treats mentioned. I am a total sucker for a good book with yummy treats. It’s pretty cool seeing a book with two restaurants going at it, when realistically you see it in today’s society as well.
Thank you to NetGalley and Wednesday Books for providing me with a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

Top Ten Tuesday

The Last Ten Books Thats Gave Me a Book Hangover

Sometimes there’s books that leave us feeling empty…wanting to read more. I know I’ve felt like that many times. However, I don’t have a problem with moving on to a new book back to back. Below you’ll find the ten books that have left me with a major book hangover.

Thanks to Jana @ That Artsy Reader Girl for taking over the awesome Top Ten Tuesday. Make sure to check out her blog and read more on TTT.

  1. With the Fire on High- Elizabeth Acevedo: This story left me wanting more. I really wanted to see what happened with Emoni after she finally made it to her dreams. Acevedo has a way with words.
  2. I Wish You All The Best- Mason Deaver: A non-binary teen comes out to their parents and has to deal with their anxiety stemming from the rejection of their family. They have to juggle with this and many other issues while trying to keep a low profile in school.
  3. Scars Like Wings- Erin Stewart: A young lady loses her parents in a tragic fire that left her disfigured. She moves in with her aunt and uncle whom encourage her to go back to school and learn to live again.
  4. The Shrike and The Shadows- Chantal Gadoury: A dark retelling of Hansel and Gretel, this book left me on the edge of my seat. I was craving ore of it. I can’t wait till the next one!
  5. Juliet Takes a breath- Gabby Rivera: After coming out to her mom and not being received with open arms Juliet decides to head out and figure out her life in Oregon while interning with her favorite writer. A writer whose all about feminism, women empowerment, and all things gay. I really wanted to know what happened with Juliet after she returned to the Bronx.

6. Eleanor & Park- Rainbow Rowell- A cute story between two teens who seem awkward to everyone else, but to each other they’re perfect.

7. Winger- Andrew Smith: Ryan Dean West goes to boarding school.. a rich one at that. He’s in the troubled dorm and is trying to adjust to his new surroundings and taming his newfound feelings for his best friend Annie. An adventure you’ll never forget as a reader.

8. Flowers in the Attic- V.C. Andrews: We all mostly know this classic. This family is forced to move out of their home when tragedy strikes. The mother and the children go live at their grandmother’s home, but the children are forced to stay in the attic. Their grandmother, a hateful woman wants no part of them. They grow in the attic and go through numerous trials and tribulations.

9. Matilda- Roald Dahl: The children’s classic that made me fall in love with reading. Matilda is my absolute favorite. I wish we had a follow-up with how her life with Miss honey as her mother was like.

10. The Nightstalker- Philip Carlo: This book is actually a true crime book. Richard Ramirez was a ruthless and sadistic serial killer. I’m such a serial killer fanatic (not in that way). This book even gives you an exclusive interview with the killer while on death row. Richard Ramirez died a few years ago.

Whew! that was a long post lol. But yes, these are the books that have tickled my book hangovers. I’m hoping for more to do this to me in the future.

Review: Dylan McFinn & the Sea Serpent’s Fury- Liam Jenkins

Title: Dylan McFinn and the Sea Serpent’s Fury

Author: Liam Jenkins

Publisher: Liam Jenkins

Pages: 184

Rating: 5/5

“Many thousands of years ago, creatives were considered the most important people in the communities. Stories, songs, poems, and paintings were all considered sacred tools and moral compasses from which people learned and receive guidance. But the importance of creativity has been forgotten along with storytelling and it’s important role within a community”
-Liam Jenkins

Where do I start with this amazing and magical book? The beginning is best. It opens up with little kids gathering around Dylan as a older man, to hear about what happened many years before…when Dylan was just a boy, when he knew he had special powers.
We meet Culburt McFinn aka The Captain. A man with good ole heart that helps everyone around town. After a drunken night at the Neptune’s Tower ( a hangout for sailors). As he takes a dip in the ocean he comes across a lovely face…Varuna. After The Captain goes to hell his buddy Marvin pickup plastic from the ocean, he’s taken down under by Veruna. Many think she’s a mermaid, but she’s a Lapatian. And she’s going to show The Captain a magical place. A place where there’s a whole new world where a great and dangerous secret lies. Lapatia is the underground world Varuna is from. Lapatia was once protected by the sea guardian known as Lapoto, whom was part barracuda part human. He guarded the island and the lapatians. He also made sure the people had a safe passage to the mainland. He was also a whopping 11feet tall. Then there was Kadavul at over 2o feet tall, Kadavul was part man/ part shark and he was jealous of Lapoto and wanted to claim all the Fijan and Samoan Island. One day the two giants collided. As a result the mainland broke off. After Lapoto defeated Kadavul, Kadavul felt bitter and sank the island. Some of the villagers ran away and others stayed and adapted to their new life. Varuna and the rest of the Lapatians vowed to keep the oceans clean, and that’s where The Captain comes in. Varuna explains to The Captain that he needs to stay and continue to help the Lapatians protect their waters…he accepts. 

Flash forward to 14 years later

The Captain and Varuna are married and have 2 boys. Axneus (10) and Dylan (13). Both are characters in their own ways. The Captain decided to take the two boys in a trip to the captains homeland. But things have changed and for the worst after the disappearance of The Captains old friend. While The Captain and his sons explore around the day, Axneus discovers a stone that possesses some secretive powers which will flip this family’s life upside down. 

My thoughts on this masterpiece….it was amazing! Jenkins did an amazing job describing the characters and making them come alive in your imagination. He made you really believe you were there experiencing everything. Axneus was super annoying and may times I wish I could reach through the book and slap him. Dylan was selfless and and not selfish like his younger brother. I’m really looking forward to the next chapter in this saga.