Mortuary Confidential: Todd Harra

Title: Mortuary Confidential: Undertakers Spill the Dirt

Author: Kenneth McKenzie and Todd Harra

Publisher: Citadel Press

Pages: 257

Rating: 5/5

After my grandmother’s death last year, and after being around so many deceased people, I’ve been interested in Mortuary Science. So I decided to download some books that had to do with mortuary science and of course, real life situations. This book was definitely filled with quirky and funny moments, and a lot of the stories also hit home. Losing my grandmother was one of the hardest things I have ever been through and honestly it still affects me. After reading through all the situations these undertaker’s go through, I must say….It sounds very interesting to me, and I wouldn’t mind opening my own funeral home someday. Another thing that kind of pushed me to pursue this career is when I saw my grandmother at the funeral the day of her wake, I wasn’t satisfied with how she was prepped. She had false teeth in the bottoms and since they had to take them out, they stuffed her mouth and it looked a little bit over done. And I thought maybe I should pursue this career so I can make the loved ones of the deceased satisfied with the caring of their loved one. I know I would never want someone else to feel that way.
Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed it and I definitely see myself doing some of the clumsy antics some of the undertaker’s went through. lol.
Besides, it’s a lot easier dealing with the dead than the living.

Original Review Published:10/5/18


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