Review: On The Come Up- Angie Thomas

Title: On the Come Up

Author: Angie Thomas

Publisher: Balzer + Bray

Pages: 464

Rating: 5/5

Allow me to regain my balance after having fallen off my chair from this amazing book!
I’m not just gassin’ it up either, this book was worth all the stars.

Bri is a 16 years old and misunderstood. Trying to steer from her father’s legacy, she tries to make a name for herself by trying to get into the rap game. Bri’s father was an underground rap legend name Lawless who unfortunately lost his life to the dangers of the street. Bri’s life isn’t exactly a fairy tale. Her mom was a drug addict who finally got the help she needed and was able to return to her children’s lives. Unfortunately, she lost her job due to the riot’s the previous year and the loss of money affected her church. After that her life is full of shutoff notices, trying to find food at food banks and walking with used and abused shoes. So she focuses on her rap battles and trying to make it with the help of her aunt Pooh. Even though Bri is a feisty, outspoken, and impulsive, she’s very bright and is fighting for a great cause and for the well-being of her family (her brother and mother can’t be the only ones trying to provide for her, besides they have dreams too) Of course, she has to go through a few scares and make a few life-changing decisions but, it’s all worth it for family. I don’t want to give away a lot from the book except that it’s worth it and really makes you realize a lot of things about issues that are important in today’s society. 

Just a few things:
I hate Supreme and the Crowns.
Long and Tate can go sit on spikes balls.
Mrs. Rhodes needs to stop being so dumb and naive.
Hype….oh Hype…Just to keep it PG…you suck!

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